Polish Post dispatches the International Economical Parcels very quickly. Also, the inter-city transfer time takes only 1 day from Katowice to Warsaw.

It took only 10 days to arrive in Turkey. TURKISH POST delivered in 1 day in Istanbul just after released from the customs clearance.

Recent experience shows these:

Item posting 2015-01-14 16:59 UP Katowice 14
Package sent 2015-01-14 17:04 UP Katowice 14
Item arrived 2015-01-14 17:45 PP Katowice S105
Package sent 2015-01-14 19:11 PP Katowice S105
Item arrived 2015-01-14 20:38 WER Zabrze
Package sent 2015-01-14 22:44 WER Zabrze
Item arrived 2015-01-15 05:04 WER Warszawa
Package sent from Poland (Outbound) 2015-01-16 14:03 WER Warszawa
Package acceptance (Inbound) 2015-01-26 11:11 ISTANBUL AV.YK KARGO ISLEME MERKEZI
Held by customs 2015-01-26 13:25 ISTANBUL AV.YK KARGO ISLEME MERKEZI
Package released by the customs office 2015-01-26 16:53 ISTANBUL AV.YK KARGO ISLEME MERKEZI