Item in conta – ELTA (Greece) Tracking system

Conta means container.

Item in conta IPS: Departure flight with shipment from the origin country is arrived.
Item in conta Κ.Δ.ΑΕΡΟΔΡΟΜΙΟΥ (K.D.AERODROMIOU): The package is ready to leave the Post Office sorting center at the airport, and to promote the central sorting center covering destination.
Item in conta ΚΕΝΤΡΟ ΔΙΑΛΟΓΗΣ [AREA] (CENTER SCREENING): The package arrived in clearing center of destination.
Item in conta Κ.Μ.Δ. [AREA] (K.M.D.): The package arrived at the distribution center of destination and the postman will either get deliver or leave delivery information.


  1. Has anyone used PTT “Turpex” service from Istanbul to USA? How does the service compare to regular parcel service for packages over 1400 gr?
    Main questions does Turpex move more quickly once it arrives in USA? Does Customs process these parcels any faster than regular PTT international parcels?


      • Yes, that is my understanding as well, but in reality, all PTT registered parcels “arrive” within 2 – 3 days in the USA, but can still take up to 3 weeks to be processed through ICS (US Customs), when they are backed up.
        The question is, does ICS process these parcels any faster and is actual delivery time to the customer any better?
        For the size of parcels we mail, “Turpex” will actually cost a few TL less, but the main concern is the time factor of actual delivery to the customer.

        Thank you, openreel.


      • As an Admin of this Blog, actually I’m from Turkey. I’ll try to ask your good question to PTT.
        Are you Turkish or resident?
        What I’ve got from the UPIM (Int’l Mail Processing Center outbound service in Istanbul) on the phone some years ago are the max. outbound time is 3 days to leave Turkey, and because of very frequent Turkish Airlines connection to the US, mails are arrived in 2-3 days there.
        The bad thing is the US part as you mentioned, up to 40 days (!) for the mail sent via SAL, that’s why Turkish Post abandoned the SAL service for all countries but Airmail except the different parcel service “PTT KARGO” (from 2000gr, its faster than small packet method up to 2000gr in the destination countries). My experience shows that the mails sent via Airmail take total 17-25 days for the US according to its destination there.


  2. No, I am in the USA, but my supplier is in Istanbul.

    We discussed using Turpex and we all understand the lengthy delivery time is ALWAYS on the USA side, never on PTT’s.

    We have been using PTT KARGO and split orders into 1400+/- gram parcels. We ship separate parcels in the event of damage, delays or loss and have found this works well. If 5 parcels are mailed from Istanbul at the same time, one may arrive in 7 days, the next in 10, another in 14 and another in 30 days. We have been doing this for over two years and the only reason we would change service is to expedite delivery to door on a consistent basis. For example, we unexpectedly ran out of stock due to heavy holiday sales. To ship DHL is beyond our modest means – we are a small business and can not pay such high shipping fees. If we were certain the Turpex service would be expedited through USA Customs, we would use it.

    Yes, thank you. See if a supervisor at PTT knows if US Customs releases Turpex parcels any faster than it does PTT KARGO. Appreciate your responses and let’s hope for a good answer.


  3. Hi,
    yesterday my package starts somewhere in Greece, no update on tracking page over 24 hours.

    Last update was yesterday:
    – ITEM IN CONTA GREECE 30-06-2015 17:29 GREECE
    – DEPARTURE FROM OFFICE (POS) 30-06-2015 18:32 GREECE

    What this mean, where the package is now?
    I must to notify you that is SPM service from ELTA.


  4. Thanks.
    What worries me is that over 24 hours there is no update on tracking page. Still stand “DEPARTURE FROM OFFICE (POS)”, from yesterday.
    Is that normal?
    The final destination is Croatia. Greece to Croatia. ELTA – SPM service.


    • Don’t be confused friend!

      Some Postal Authorities use mediator countries (called ETOE), and also, different carriers when the mail volume is high.

      For example, a mail piece from Philippines to Turkey should have a stopover in Greece (agreement btw the two).
      But despite the US and Turkey have direct mail exchange operations, recently, one of my parcels came from a Baltic country.


  5. Hello, I’m waiting for a package from Crete and there are not updates from 30/07, the item was shipped on the 29th of July and the last update says “items in packing”, at the airport I guess…since this is first priority air mail, is this normal?The destination is Milan, Italy.


  6. Same problem, I sent a package with ELTA, my package is “in packing status” since Nov. 19 and the status hasn’t changed since then. Does that mean that it is still at the airport or something? Because I’ve contacted the ELTA and they keep saying that this means that the package is travelling. ELTA does not seem reliable to me at all and now I m regretting for trusting their services.


  7. I’m also having the same problem except mine has had the “items in packing” since dec 8. I know it’s a bit early to worry, but it’s my first time using international shipping ELTA and hopefully it goes well. Also how long would it take to ship from Greece to Hawaii?


  8. To ship a package from Greece to the US (NY, DC) it usually takes 2 weeks, but things slow down closer to Christmas. I called the ELTA again and they said some ridiculous excuses, that the US tracking service is not functioning, and that the package has left Greece.Meanwhile, the USPS told me that since the last scanning was done in Greece you cannot tell what is the exact status of the package. Has anyone experienced sth similar? I think I should start worrying, it’s been 3 weeks. What should I do next? I m getting desparate!!!


    • Yes, the USPS had tracking problems last month (November), but now it seems OK.
      The postal admins have a bilateral private tracking status net with detailed exchange information such as the bundle number, the carrier (airline, etc.), the date/time sent and arrived of a mail piece.
      When in doubt, I always get this information from TURKISH POST, Int’l Mail Processing Center in Istanbul (where I live) by calling them.
      Also, you should be able to fill a form at your post office for further investigation of your item.
      By the way, the problem may be in the US since ELTA has good operations.
      Hope this helps for now.
      Good luck!


  9. Hello,
    I have experienced the same problem. It’s 6 days since the last status of the item I was to receive from Greece in ITEM IN PACKING. I would like to know why they blocked my parcel at the airport and whether I will see it again or it will be lost forever? Who can provide me an answer
    Best regards


    • I too am waiting for a package from Greece, and it has been stuck in “Items in Packing” since last saturday (today is thursday). I’ve contacted Elta, and they told me that the items have left Greece, but the postal service in my country has no record of the item ever having entered the territory.

      Clearly Elta is a terrible company and is lying to a lot of people. Horrible service. I’ll never order anything from Greece ever again.


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