* UPDATED for the new Turkish Post webpage in 2015 *

All the USPS First Class Mail International shipments sent to Turkey are subject to the inbound record by the TURKISH POST aka Ptt.

This means that the mail pieces can be tracked via the YURT DIŞI GÖNDERİ TAKİBİ (INT’L SHIPMENT TRACKING) popup window.

After the barcode or tracking no. (for example, LN or LK123456789US) in the Barkod Numaranız box and captcha (not case sensitive) on the right blank box are filled out, by clicking Sorgula (Search), the results page will be opened in a new tab. Yenile (Renew) is for renewing the captcha in case of reading difficulty.

The page gonna have 3 parts:

GÖNDERİ KABUL BİLGİLERİ (Information for the shipment acceptance)
GÖNDERİN SON DURUM VE TESLİM BİLGİLERİ (Information of the last event and delivery of the shipment)
GÖNDERİNİN HAREKETLERİ (Shipment Transactions)

Most of the items, especially the results, are bi-lingual, so don’t worry.