Since the beginning of 2013, the registered SAL international shipments have begun to wait at the JFK Airport too long! UPDATE! That’s why the TURKISH POST suspended the Surface Mail service!

As an eBayer, I sold many things to the States. In the recent years, the SAL shipments were taking max. 20-25 days to reach its final destination. But this year it made a record: around 45 days from the JFK Airport to the New York area!!! I cannot believe that!

Our national postal carrier told that the shipments are arrived around 4 days by air. They provided the carrier, flight no. and mail bag no. incl. the exact arrival date.

Unfortunately, I have got some problems with my customers on eBay for this reason, even some refunds that made me out of pocket!

Also, the tracking results on the USPS website do not contain the activity of the processing duration from the origin country to the arrival in the States, but the duration just the beginning from the arrival to the final delivery. Very clever!