The TURKISH POST (Ptt) runs for the ever-growing quality and efficiency with the fully modernized technology. It owns an ISO-9000 Quality Certificate.

The international outbound mail leaves the country within max. 3 days from UPİM (Uluslararası Posta İşleme Merkezi – International Mail Processing Center at the Istanbul Ataturk Airport [main hub]). The most of the mail bags are transported by the state-owned TURKISH AIRLINES (actually 104 countries). UPİM gives the information on the items sent like the Carrier name, Flight no. and Mail bag no. the item included when the detailed info needed domestically. EDI is provided whenever available.

UPİM distributes inbound mail to the regional processing facilities in Istanbul within max. two days. They deliver the mail to the final destination in two days mostly.


Ptt’s latest intelligent building with the mail processing systems from Japan (Hadımköy Mail and Cargo Processing Center, Arnavutköy/Istanbul)

Ptt fleet

Ptt domestic fleet

Ptt truck

Ptt truck (simulated)

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