Online tracking allows to access tracking information and confirm the delivery of your item by using a tracking (barcode) number assigned at the time of online ordering or dispatching from the post office.

The formatting style is XX123456789XX. The first two letters are for the service indication like RR, CP, LN, etc. The last two letters are for ISO 3166 A 2 country codes like US, DE, JP, etc. The letters following the first letters of the service indication change up to the service being used (e.g. Airmail, SAL, Surface, Economy, Priority, etc.), and are a mystery for users in fact.

Most used service indicator codes:

Registered items contain numbers beginning with R (Although RR is commonly used, every country could have different second letters like Deutsche Post uses RG for the surface (economy) shipments while CHINA POST uses RA, Singapore Post uses RF, and Royal Mail uses RU for Airmail)

EMS items contain numbers beginning with E

Parcel items contain numbers beginning with C

The USPS First Class Mail International service contain numbers beginning with L (Although this class mail cannot traceable fully, except until the outbound final dispatch in the US, the following items are fully traceable for the outbound and inbound services worldwide:

Express Mail International EX123456789US
Priority Mail International CX123456789US
Registered Mail RX123456789US

X letters are changeable.

All countries use the Universal Postal Union S10 standards, which is the Identification of Postal Items, a 13-character identifier.

All forms are void! Do not use!